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Nowadays, people prefer bamboo laminate flooring to furnish their home to give rich look. Using bamboo laminate flooring has many benefits such as it gives distinctive yet attractive appearance to the interior of home. Moreover, bamboo is a grass so it is not included in the depletion of natural means. Therefore, you are using eco-friendly material and saving the environment. The bamboo laminated flooring is resistive to stains and moisture. Thus, it can be used easily for the floorings of kitchen and bathrooms. Moreover, bamboo is stronger than any hardwoods that make it durable and ideal for the flooring. Another benefit of bamboo laminated flooring is that it can be installed with a simple preparation.

Two Types of Bamboo Laminate Flooring

Usually, the bamboo laminated flooring is differentiated on the basis of their construction and installation. The first one is called as compressed solid bamboo laminated flooring, and the second one is known as engineered bamboo laminated flooring. 

Compressed Solid Bamboo Laminate Flooring

The compressed solid flooring is constructed by compressing thin strands of bamboo together. It results in the formation of big solid blocks of bamboo, which is later chopped into planks. These planks are then laminated together to form a perfect bamboo laminate flooring strips. While laminating these planks, the bamboo flooring strips are arranged horizontally or vertically to give a definitive look.    

Compressed Solid Bamboo Laminate- Installation

The installation of compressed solid bamboo laminated flooring requires measuring of the floor. It will help to conclude how much bamboo laminate flooring strips are required to cover the floor. The next step is placing the bamboo flooring strips next to each other. It is important that you must underlay bamboo flooring strips in such a manner that it does not overlap on each other. If you have concrete flooring then you should use glue to install the bamboo laminate flooring sheets. For other types of flooring, you can use staple or nail. 

Engineered Bamboo Laminate Flooring

 It is a new type of bamboo flooring, which is definitely flexible in compared to the compressed solid flooring. It can also withstand in all types of environmental conditions. The construction of bamboo laminated strips includes the similar process of compressed solid bamboo laminate strips. The only difference is that it requires boiling of bamboo strips to get the darker finish bamboo strips. The shades of bamboo strips depend upon the time it has been left to boil in the chamber. It also requires the addition of cheap wood to give it a better durability. The engineered bamboo laminated strips will never shrink or expand like the compressed solid flooring in humid weather condition. 

Engineered Bamboo Laminate- Installation

The installation of engineered bamboo flooring requires measuring of the floor. It will give you an idea about the requirement of bamboo laminated sheets. It is important that the concrete floor is flat and dry. You can take moisture content test to ensure that the concrete floor don’t have moisture. The installation of engineered bamboo laminated flooring is also known as floated installation. Since, the installation process of engineered bamboo flooring does not require glue or nail. It can easily be installed on any other type of floorings. However, it is important that the earlier flooring material is well fixed to the concrete flooring.     

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